Attending a lively game of football can be one of the most exhilarating escapes from the business of the world. However, even if the game is an epic game, nothing can sour that experience quicker than a terrible experience in the stands or other common areas of the stadium (including the WCs/public toilets!)

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of sports stadiums in the world, and most of them present a great experience. But what about those stadiums that are egregious offenders? Here is my list of five of the grossest sports stadiums in the world.

Kenilworth Road

Located in England, this sorry excuse for a football stadium tops our list. The title of a recent Tripadvisor review from 2019 says it all “What an awful ground. I’ve been to many but this is the worst.” Yikes! Here is one of the more salient points from the reviewers nasty post: “Inadequate toilet facilities which stink. The smell was noticeable as far away as our seats.”

Stadionul Otelul

This Romanian stadium obviously hasn’t grown up since the days of the broken and crumbled days of the U.S.S.R. It’s a throwback, for sure. Although this stadium is located along the beautiful Danube, nothing about this stadium is “beautiful.” Not only is the stadium dumpy, but it’s entirely too small. As a result, Otelul sometimes hosts league matches in Bucharest, which is nearly three hours away by automobile.

Borisov City Stadium

Okay, the very fact that this stadium is located in Belarus should be a big sign that this is a crappy place. After all, Belarus is the last dictatorship in Europe. The corrupt government can’t even get its voting system to work without deep fraud. And though Alexander Lukashenko is supposedly an avid sports fan, he certainly isn’t a fan of improving the image of this stadium. According to one online assessment, the stadium amounts to just a few “pitiful” grandstands surrounded by lawns.

Stade De France

Okay, so this stadium is the one enigma on this list. That’s because it’s not so much a “dumpy” because of what it looks like today. Rather, it’s “dumpy” because it was literally built on a dump. Ok. Moving on.

Blundell Park

It’s often said that you can judge the cleanliness of a restaurant’s kitchen by the cleanliness of their public toilets. Likewise, you can judge the greatness of a stadium by the stench of the toilets.  And if that’s the case, Blundell Park isn’t doing so great. When commenting on Blundell Park, one reviewer on TripAdvisor said, “Are these the worst toilets in football?”


Look, although we attend football games because we love the sport, there’s more to the experience (so much more) than just sitting down and watching opposing teams duke it out on the field. If that’s all the experience was intended to be, then why not just stay home and watch the game play out on the telly? No. Attending a live football game is an experience that begins the moment you enter the parking lot. It includes the food, the smells, the crowd, and more. Sports stadiums would do well if they paid a little more attention to the off-field experience of the fans. Some great examples of fields that ARE doing it right, at least from my recent travels to the American west, are REAL Salt Lake, Melaleuca Field, and the Salt Lake Bees field!